Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection will begin using the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) sensor in their OLCT 100 XP fixed gas detection platform

RENO, NEVADA – March, 13th 2024 – NevadaNano, the world’s leading innovator in gas detection sensor technology, announced that Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection will begin using the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) sensor in their OLCT 100 XP fixed gas detection platform supporting Industrial Safety markets, including Hydrogen and Battery Off Gassing applications. 

“NevadaNano is proud to provide the MPS™ sensor technology for Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection,” said Gary Collins, VP of Sales & Marketing at NevadaNano. “Our MPS™ sensors deliver significant performance and lifetime cost advantages over traditional sensor technologies. These include 15-year lifetime, inherent immunity to poisoning, a wide environmental range and market leading performance in Hydrogen and blended Hydrocarbon applications.” 

NevadaNano offers a variety of gas detection sensors for flammable and refrigerant gases, all of which deliver unprecedented reliability and accuracy. Unlike traditional sensors, a single MPS™ sensor accurately reports 0-100% LEL (TrueLEL™) across fourteen of the most common flammable gases, including hydrogen, with a single factory calibration. This capability addresses the need for a flexible sensor platform suitable for complex industrial environments and offers life-saving accuracy in environments with blended combustible gases. 

Integrated, real-time measurements and built-in compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity ensures superb accuracy of the MPS™ gas sensors. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the wide environmental range, including rapid environmental transients, delivering best-in-class false-positive accuracy. The company’s MPS™ sensors are inherently immune to drift, decay, or poisoning. 

“We look forward to implementing this exciting technology in our gas detectors portfolio. The unique qualities of this sensor will reduce OPEX of our customers, particularly in the innovative new energy markets,” says Regis Prévost, Global Product Line Manager at Teledyne. 

“We are excited to work with Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, a global leader in fixed detection instruments with an impressive history and heritage, bringing our ground-breaking MPS™ sensor technology to their OLCT range of fixed gas monitors,” said Karl Roberts European Sales Director at NevadaNano.  

About Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection 

Teledyne’s Gas and Flame Detection business uses its global capability, manufacturing excellence, and custom engineering to provide end-to-end gas and flame detection solutions for a wide range of hazards worldwide. With an industry-leading, comprehensive portfolio of products and services, our commitment to cross-platform integration provides protection for today and confidence for tomorrow. 

About NevadaNano

NevadaNano provides ESG solutions for many of the world’s largest corporations with advanced multi-gas sensing products and continuous IOT monitoring systems that detect harmful gases and quantify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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