NevadaNano is charging forward and proud to announce the hiring of Bob Vigdor, Safety Sales Director.

The Scoop on Vigdor


Bob Vigdor, Industrial Safety Sales Bob Vigdor entered the safety industry in the mid 90’s after his B.S. studies in Business Administration from Radford University. Bob’s 25 years of safety industry experience included roles as an individual contributor, mid-level management, to senior responsibilities in the commercial field.

Twenty years of Bob’s experience has been with manufacturers of portable and fixed gas detection products. He held key commercial positions with BW Technologies, a Honeywell business, for their national accounts and U.S. Government contracts.
The majority of Bob’s time was spent with Scott Safety, a Tyco International company, as Director of Global Sales.

Over the past 25 years Bob had P&L, product specifications, and sales responsibilities for new product development that incorporated various sensing technologies that included electrochemical, pellistor, IR, and UV for the detection of combustible, flame, and toxic gases in a variety of applications.

“We are very excited to be adding Bob to the NevadaNano team. His extensive sales and marketing experience within the Global Industrial Safety markets is a huge asset to our aggressive growth strategies,” says Bob Christensen, Senior Director Business Development.



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