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Who we are

NevadaNano provides safety and climate solutions for many of the world’s largest corporations, with innovative multi-gas sensing products and continuous IoT monitoring systems based on our proprietary MPS™ sensor platform. 

Products and Solutions

MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensors

MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensor: Rapid, accurate detection of multiple gases. Factory-calibrated, intrinsically safe, and highly toxin-resistant. Features built-in environmental compensation and automatic self-testing. Provides digital or analog output without extra electronics. Sets industry standards for performance and cost-effectiveness, with no field calibration required.

MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensor
MPS™ Refrigerant Gas Sensor

MPS™ Refrigerant Gas Sensors

NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) Refrigerant Gas Sensors provides accurate and reliable detection of lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant gases, including mildly flammable A2L gases such as R-32, and blends of R-32 and 1234yf (for example, R-454A, R-454B and R-454C), as well as flammable A3 gases, such as R290, and R600, common in HVAC applications.

With a 15+ year calibration interval and lifetime, the MPS™ Refrigerant Gas Sensors deliver industry-leading performance and the lowest total cost of ownership. 

MPS™ Methane Gas Sensors

The MPS™ Methane Gas Sensors family provides rapid, precise methane detection for various industries. This factory-calibrated sensor features built-in environmental compensation, automated self-testing, and is intrinsically safe. Resistant to toxic substances, it offers digital or configurable analog output without extra electronics. No field calibration is needed, making it the industry standard for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Close-up of a hand holding an MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor by NevadaNano, showing the sensor's compact design and labeled specifications.
Group of five NevadaNano MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensors displayed together, showcasing their compact design and labeled specifications.

MPS™ Hydrogen Gas Sensors

The MPS™ Hydrogen Gas Sensors provide highly reliable and accurate detection of hydrogen gas. The Hydrogen sensing products make use of the MPS’s gas classification capabilities to offer rapid detection and accurate quantification of Hydrogen and Hydrogen containing gas mixtures, with no poisoning, no drift and no field calibration. 

MethaneTrack™ for Methane Leak Detection

MethaneTrack™ is an end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) system used to detect and identify the location and size of methane leaks.

MethaneTrack Beta Endpoint

Our Technology

Molecular Property Spectrometer

Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™)

The MPS™ sensor is a proprietary technology unique to NevadaNano.
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TrueLEL™ embodies the unparalleled ability of a sensor to automatically provide accurate gas concentration readings for a diverse range of flammable gas types.
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Leak Source Isolation

Leak Source Isolation™ (LSI™)

NevadaNano uses proprietary cloud-based technology called Leak Source Isolation™ (LSI™) to assemble, integrate and arbitrate across the sensor readings and anemometer data coming from the field.
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