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NevadaNano takes considerable pride in being a leading technology company, having won numerous awards, including “R&D 100” company recognition. Our mission is to bring the sense of smell to the internet by advancing sophisticated gas detection technology at semiconductor functionality, reliability, and economics. We specialize in developing, marketing, and manufacturing cutting-edge gas sensors and IOT systems that have revolutionized safety and reliability standards across numerous industries, including industrial manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, chemical processing, and environmental monitoring. 

Our sensors are microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that feature unparalleled accuracy, sensitivity, and speed in detecting hazardous gases at extremely accessible price points. Our tag line is: “Sensor-based SaaS Solutions Protecting People, Property and Planet,” and one of our latest innovations, MethaneTrack™, incorporates our methane MPS™ sensor in an Internet of Things (IoT) network  and cloud application architecture.  MethaneTrack™ is a close-proximity, continuous monitoring system for identifying and quantifying methane (and methane-blend) leaks. MethaneTrack™ endpoints are intrinsically safe and can be located close to suspected leak sources.  As a result, this technology is a paradigm shift in Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), enabling companies in diverse industries to capture fugitive emissions of a ubiquitous gas that is 80 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.

NevadaNano operates a worldwide supply chain but takes pride in hiring a diverse workforce and partnering with local companies. Building on the incredible support we have received from Northern Nevada and Northern California businesses, local universities including the  University of Nevada, Reno, and research laboratories like The Desert Research Institute (DRI), we are dedicated to advancing economic development in our region. 

NevadaNano integrates a wide range of technologies to create sensors and sensing systems with unprecedented performance, utility and value. By combining outstanding innovations in sensor fabrication, chemical analysis protocols, chemometric data analysis, system diagnostics and cloud software, we have created products that customers have called “the greatest breakthrough in chemical monitoring in 40 years.”   

At a product level, our technological innovation spans an extensive range:

  1. Molecular Property Spectrometer™ Gas Sensors capable of sensing multiple gases without need for calibration enable new Industrial and consumer products for detecting the presence of gas in the air. Customers use these in fixed and portable gas detectors, HVAC-R equipment, and NevadaNano’s line of EmissionsTrack™ products for detecting gas leaks and reducing global warming while providing users with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership due to the long life and elimination of calibration costs.  
  2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Gas Detectors, called “Endpoints,” enable our MethaneTrack™ product to provide Close-Proximity, Continuous Monitoring™, and ensure secure, encrypted data transmission to the cloud for analysis 
  3. IIoT Detector Arrays provide rapid and precise monitoring of homes, commercial facilities, industrial sites, and assets, through strategic placement of endpoints to optimize gas detection.
  4. MethaneTrack integrates all the technology above, providing immediate leak detection and alerts, and emission statistics. Users can easily customize MethaneTrack to provide monitoring, information and alerts in a format that matches their internal preferences and procedures 
  5. Proprietary cloud-based software analyzes the gas data from the module arrays, transforming raw data readings into emission locations and emission rates through proprietary Leak Source Isolation™ (LSI™) software, saving time and money throughout the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) process.  
  6. A comprehensive graphical user interface software enables users to visualize and understand emission events at their facilities, streamlining the LDAR effort  with automated tools.  
  7. Automated tracking and reporting software saves users time and money by tracking the progress toward emission reduction goals and providing customized, automated reports to meet stakeholder and regulatory requirements  

At each level, our technology adds unrivaled value for our customers. Click on the links above to learn more about each level of technology.  

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