NevadaNano MPS Methane Gas Sensor

NevadaNano’s MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor quickly and accurately conducts methane gas leak detection in the most challenging environments – from Arctic wellheads to shale fields in South Texas. Immediate alerts and prioritization are made possible because real-time sensor arrays powered by the MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor continuously feed cloud-based monitors. 24/7 point detection is the ideal solution to achieve fast mitigation of fugitive methane emissions across the entire oil and gas supply chain.

The MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor is built on a robust Microelectromechanical-system (MEMS) platform that is inherently low-power, poison and drift-resistant. Because of this, it enables service and calibration intervals that can be measured in years. Built-in environmental compensation enables reliable, accurate performance across a range of harsh conditions, from -40ºC to 75ºC and 0% to 99% relative humidity. The MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor is a natural choice in order to gain accurate methane gas leak detection in harsh, remote, and complex environments.

MPS™ Methane Gas Sensor Features:


• Real-time auto-gas classification and identification
• Built-in environmental compensation
• No cross-sensitivity to T, RH, P
• Inherently poison resistant
• 5+ year calibration interval
• 5+ year lifetime
• Low power — 29 mW typical
• 24/7 monitoring

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