PemTech Offers a Fixed Gas Transmitter for Hydrocarbons Using MPS™ Technology

PemTech expands its offering to include the MPS™ sensor technology, providing a maintenance-free solution, protecting people and assets, and improving productivity. 

RENO, NEVADA – July 27, 2021 NevadaNano, the world’s leading innovator in gas detection sensor technology, announced that PemTech added NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) technology into its Ultra1000 Series Fixed Gas Sensors. PemTech is a US-based global gas monitor and detector manufacturer that started operations in 1989. 

“PemTech has earned a global reputation for developing products and systems that are extremely reliable and cost-effective,” said Ralph Whitten, President of NevadaNano. “Their selection of NevadaNano’s MPS sensor to bring next-generation accuracy and performance in environments where multiple gases pose potential hazards is a testament to the advanced technology and gas detection breakthroughs we made with our MPS sensor.”

The MPS sensor’s environmental robustness has proven to be the most stable hydrocarbon sensor in the world’s hottest and most humid environments, such as the gulf region in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The sensor accomplishes this with the built-in environmental compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity. Additionally, it eliminates the concern of false positive alarms due to sensor drift. With MPS technology, the PemTech Ultra1000 series of fixed gas sensors meet PemTech’s customers’ precise requirements and deliver unprecedented value. 

“Sensor accuracy is the highest priority for PemTech when selecting sensors for our range of products,” said Rizwan Mistry, President of PemTech. “MPS technology delivers the most accurate results for over a dozen of the most common combustible gases with a one-time factory calibration good for the life of the sensor, referred to as TrueLEL™. This extraordinary performance removes the downtime associated with false alarms and frequent calibrations. Our Ultra1000 series with MPS has performed extremely well even in our customers’ harshest environments.”

For more information, contact NevadaNano at or connect on LinkedIn. For more on PemTech, visit their website.


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