NevadaNano Releases New Automated Flammable Gas Sensor

NevadaNano Releases New Automated MPS Gas Sensor

NevadaNano makes industry firsts with the release of the MPS LEL Gas Sensor. It’s the first of its kind to be able to detect and classify gases with a single calibration.

Furthermore, the MPS LEL Gas Sensor is able to measure the concentration of combustible gas mixtures. From there, it can then classify detected gases and mixtures into hydrogen, methane, or light/medium/heavy gas.

flammable gas sensor for chemicals in industrial manufacturing and mining

“Our engineering team has developed a robust and reliable sensor to solve the problems that have plagued flammable sensors for decades,” said Mark Brandemuehl, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing. “With one calibration, the new MPS Flammable Gas Sensor delivers accurate measurement of 12 gases and provides stable, reliable results for years.” The sensor can be installed in fixed and portable applications.

Compared to other sensors, such as catalytic bead sensors, the MPS Gas Sensor requires significantly less power to operate. This long-term stability and reliability provided by the MPS Sensor create a low cost of ownership. Likewise, the MPS flammable gas sensor delivers accurate detection of hydrogen and other hydrocarbons.

The MPS Flammable/LEL Gas Sensor will not become “poisoned” when exposed to common industrial chemicals, relieving it of the need for frequent, and often costly, manual recalibrations. As a result, this means workers can count on the MPS gas sensors to ensure a safe workplace environment.



The MPS Flammable Gas Sensor in Two Standard Form Factors:

•The Series 7 MPS Flammable Gas Sensor (32 mm x 13.8 mm) is available for evaluation now.

•The Series 4 MPS Flammable Gas Sensor (20 mm x 16.5 mm) is available for evaluation in December 2018

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