New distribution agreement with Hae Song Industry Co. positions NevadaNano to meet the growing demand in Korea for its Molecular Property Spectrometer™ sensor technology.

SEOUL, Korea, January 5, 2021 – NevadaNano Systems, Inc., the world’s leading innovator in gas detection sensor technology, announced it received the Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) certification, a significant milestone that enables the company to expand the use of its ground-breaking gas leak detection technology to South Korea. NevadaNano’s patented Molecular Property Spectrometer™  (MPS™) measures and classifies a wide range of combustible gases and reports the potential to cause harm in a matter of seconds. The company also announced it signed a distribution partnership with Hae Song Industry Co., a leading supplier of gas sensing technology. 

“NevadaNano’s innovative gas leak detection technology has the potential to save lives and create healthier environments better than any legacy technology,” said Bob Christensen, Director of Business Development, at NevadaNano.  “We are thrilled to receive KGS certification as we have had excellent engagement in Korea and now, we have removed a barrier to adoption for our Korean customers.” 

NevadaNano’s patented Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS) is the only technology available that measures and classifies a wide range of combustible gases and reports the potential to cause harm virtually instantaneously. It is the first new gas sensing technology to emerge in more than three decades and helps businesses create safer work, home, and industrial environments. NevadaNano focuses on commercial applications, specifically, monitoring for flammable gas, new refrigerant leaks, methane leaks and indoor air quality. All these applications are often tied together as part of IoT-enabled distributed gas sensing systems. The company technology is used in a diverse array of commercial and government applications by its system integrator partners and manufacturers.

“NevadaNano brings important new technology that meets a growing need among our current customers and a wide range of companies in the areas we serve,” said Yongdoo Kim, Marketing Manager, at Hae Song Industry Co. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

About NevadaNano

NevadaNano’s detection technology is the first new approach to flammable gas detection in over 40 years. MPS technology was developed at the University of Nevada, Reno, and supported by DARPA, the DOD, and the Department of Homeland Security. NevadaNano holds exclusive licenses for 43 inventions and 24 patents for on-chip chemical analysis technology. For information visit or connect on Linkedin.

About Hae Song Industry Co.

For more than 20 years, Hae Song Industry Co. has established cooperative relationships with many of the world’s leading gas sensor manufacturers to provide stable and affordable products with excellent quality. The company built a long and stable partnership with major domestic gas alarm manufacturers, supplying a variety of gas sensors that can respond most to any situation or application.