NevadaNano is charging forward and proud to announce the hiring of Karl Roberts, European Sales Director

The Scoop on Roberts

Karl RobertsKarl Roberts is a B.A. (Hons) Business Administration graduate, based in Liverpool, UK. For the past 5 years, Karl has been at MSA Bacharach with 2 years of this time in the role of Sales Director, with budget & senior management responsibility for the European and US fixed detection sales teams. Prior roles have included UK and European Sales Management at Scott Safety/Tyco Gas & Flame Detection and A1-CBISS. 

Karl brings over 17 years combined experience within HVAC/R market, driving product development, specification, and sales to end users, integrators, contractors & OEMs across food retail, hospitality, and cold chain (processing, storage & distribution, transportation). 

Combined with experience within the industrial safety markets (POG, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing), Karl brings understanding of a broad range of sensor technologies, including IR, PAIR, pellistor, UV, Ultrasonics, electrochemical and MOS. He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Refrigeration, representing as an expert in refrigerant detection within British Refrigeration Association working groups. 

“We are very excited to be adding Karl to the NevadaNano team. His extensive industry and sales and marketing experience within the HVAC/R market is a huge asset to our aggressive growth strategies,” says Gary Collins, VP of Sales and Marketing.

 About NevadaNano

NevadaNano offers a range of unique gas detection sensors for flammable gases, refrigerant gases and leak detection with unprecedented reliability and accuracy. Unlike traditional sensors, the MPS™ sensors accurately report 0-100% LEL across 19 flammable gases and six refrigerant gases straight from the factory and require no field maintenance over their lifetime. The sensors even compensate for rapid environmental transients to deliver best-in-class false-positive accuracy. The company’s MPS™ sensors are inherently immune to drift, decay, or poisoning. 

NevadaNano’s programmable, multi-gas detection technology is the first new approach to flammable gas detection in over 40 years. For information, visit or connect on LinkedIn.