The Management Team

Nevadanano Ian Rogoff

Ian Rogoff


Nevadanano Ralph Whitten

Ralph Whitten

Exec Chair


Ronnie Mack

Vice President of Manufacturing


Adam McBrady, PhD

Vice President of Engineering


Gary Collins

Head of Sales, GM


Naren Prasad

Chief Software Architect and Delivery Officer

The Board of Directors

Nevadanano Ralph Whitten

Stuart Feigin

Nevadanano Ray Stata

Ray Stata

Nevadanano Jesse Adams

Jesse Adams

Nevadanano Brian Krolicki

Brian Krolicki

Nevadanano Gregory Hulecki

Gregory Hulecki

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NevadaNano is the developer of the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ gas-sensing products that use Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) structures to detect, identify, and quantify chemicals in the air.


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