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NevadaNano is looking for a full-time Data Scientist, or Chemometric Engineer, to develop data reduction and analysis methodologies for physical and chemical sensors

Primary Responsibilities

-Work with sensor development engineers to properly test sensors and acquire appropriate datasets for use in development of chemometric algorithms
-Apply data science and chemometric techniques, such as linear and nonlinear multivariate analysis and regression, to create algorithms and data processing procedures to convert raw sensor data into relevant chemical and physical information, and then to actionable customer information.
-Develop techniques for efficient and effective calibration, environmental compensation and cross-sensitivity discrimination
-Develop techniques for integration of data from multiple sensors into accurate answer vectors.
-Work with software engineers to translate relevant algorithms, models and other analytical techniques into commercial-grade software and firmware on embedded sensor systems.


-MS/PhD in engineering or physical science with extensive experience in data analysis, applied math, statistics and data science, OR, MS/PhD in applied math, statistics or computer science with extensive experience in applying these skills to analysis of physical systems.

-Must have a strong understanding of the relevant principles of chemistry and physics, be able to distinguish when a problem is deterministic based upon these principles, and when additional statistical and data science techniques are required.
-Minimum of 5 years of experience in analysis of physical systems, including data reduction and model building.
-Proven ability to contribute to development of innovative products.
-Desirable Skills and Experience
-Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary development team to develop customer-driven solutions.
-Ability to be self-directed with minimal supervision
-Must be a hands-on problem solver
-Project and product development leadership.
-Experience with sensors and embedded system programming.
-Experience with commercial product development.
-Ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment.
-Demonstrated programming expertise in Matlab, C/C++, Python


Ben Rogers — Director of Engineering, NevadaNano

To apply for this job email your details to rogers@nevadanano.com