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Combustible Gas Sensor Nanotechnology

NevadaNano is looking for a full-time Senior Sensor Engineer to drive key sensor product development and technology innovation efforts and to manage multidisciplinary technical engineering teams.  The position reports to the Director of Engineering.


Primary Responsibilities
  • Project management 
    • Project planning, budgeting, resource management
  • Steer new high-tech sensor products through Stage Gate product development process
    • Develop and refine Engineering Requirements Documents (ERDs) in response to Marketing Requirements Documents (MRDs)
    • Develop products from planning phase, through prototype, engineering validation, design validation and production validation stages.
  • Direct research, design, fabrication, testing and productization of novel technology in a start-up environment
    • Supervise engineering teams in development of novel software, hardware and processes
  • Communicate technical information to variety of audiences (sales/marketing, executive, customers, engineering staff)
  • BS/MS in mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, analytical chemistry, electrical engineering, or similar
  • 10+ years professional experience in commercial product development and innovation (invention, design, characterization, production, integration) to meet market-driven product specifications
  • Excellent leadership qualities; capable of inspiring trust and confidence in a team of highly motivated and capable engineers and technicians; ability to set a high-pace, high-reward agenda and manage occasional interpersonal issues
  • Proven ability to contribute to development of innovative products
    • Market research and product specification development
    • Trade-off space optimization
  • Strong engineering professional skills in project management 
  • Understanding of system-level engineering
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Must be self-directed with minimal supervision
  • Ability to consult on multiple and diverse technical projects 
  • Must be a hands-on problem solver; excited about occasional “dirty” laboratory work 
  • Superior oral and written communication skills (customer presentations, internal white papers, technical meetings, executive briefings, proposals and budgets)
  • Crisp thinking and logic (to justify critical decisions, support hypotheses, ferret out failure modes via root cause analysis)
  • Ability to integrate multiple viewpoints and operate within multivariate problem/optimization spaces
  • Creative and inventive mindset, for cultivation of new intellectual property
  • Superior problem analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Strength in experimental design, and in analyzing and interpreting data
  • Ability to pose and answer key questions, identify technical issues and trends, quantify coverage and conformance to specifications
  • Ability to quickly collect and synthesize available literature (technical reports, academic journals, patents, marketing information) and determine best practices as well as the state of the art in a given technical area


Desirable Skills and Experience
  • Experience with sensors and/or embedded systems 
  • Experience with certifying bodies and certification processes (e.g. UL, ATEX, IECEx, CSA)
  • Experience with performance, reliability, and regulatory testing
  • Expertise in Electro-Mechanical Design (including SolidWorks)
  • Experience with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), including microfabrication techniques, materials, best practices
  • Experience with integrated circuit testing and test equipment
  • Experience developing (or managing development of) software code and algorithm development and refinement (esp. MATLAB, C++, shell scripts, Python, Linux)
  • Design for manufacturing and high-volume production


Project management, product engineering, sensor



Ben Rogers — Director of Engineering, NevadaNano


To apply for this job email your details to rogers@nevadanano.com