This write-up is originally featured on EE Times

Air quality monitoring in cars, homes, offices, factories, and other buildings is driving the gas and particle sensor market. US-based NevadaNano Systems announced it is expanding its presence in the EMEA region to meet the growing demand for its gas leak detection sensor technology.

NevadaNano said it has opened an office outside Chester, England, and signed a distribution partnership with Unitronic to represent the company in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

“Within Europe, there is a significant number of current and potential new clients in the gas detection and refrigerant market that NevadaNano wanted to provide additional local support,” Gary Collins, general manager EMEA for NevadaNano Systems, told EE Times Europe. Outside the United States, the company has operations only in the United Kingdom, but “as the business grows, we will expand the team across Europe to provide additional local technical and commercial support.” Read more