Blackline adds cutting-edge MPST™ Flammable Gas Sensor technology to its lineup of cloud-connected G7 wearables


This write-up is originally featured on ISHN


Blackline Safety Corp., a global leader of gas detection and connected safety solutions, has partnered with NevadaNano, a developer and manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based gas sensors, to add the new Molecular Property SpectrometerTM (MPSTM) Flammable Gas Sensor to its G7 lineup of connected safety wearables. Together, Blackline and NevadaNano are driving combustible gas detection into the future with the MPS sensor, which can be easily incorporated into safety programs, delivering greater accuracy of combustible gas readings and confidence that workers are protected in any environment.

The MPS sensor transforms the way businesses monitors environments for unsafe levels of combustible gas through the latest advancements in MEMS technology — the most significant innovation in more than 40 years. Compared to traditional catalytic bead and non-dispersive infrared sensors, the MPS sensor provides users with unparalleled lower explosive limit (LEL) measurement accuracy for a TrueLELTM combustible gas reading in any environment. It is poison immune, meaning users can remove guess work from gas detection and are confident that workers are protected. The MPS sensor seamlessly integrates into companies’ current safety program, eliminating the need to re-train users currently familiar with traditional LEL gas sensors. READ MORE